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Recruitment Software

I’ve been trying to give a simple explanation of simple recruitment software. More often than not we hear requests for a super simple system that helps recruiters rather than get in the way. This is my explanation of all the

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Social Recruitment

I was asked to speak to a group of recruiters in Durban South Africa. Unfortunately I could not be there in person but this did give me the opportunity to record the session.

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Building Business for Recruiters – Webinar Thur 4th Oct 2012

My next free webinar is today, Thursday the 4th Oct. This 30 minute session will look at a wide range of recruiters techniques to find exclusive vacancies, build your business and make more placements. This webinar is aimed at recruiters,

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LinkedIn for Recruiters

Last weeks webinar was all about how Recruiters can use LinkedIn to be found by and find candidates. I have spoken at length many times before about searching with LinkedIn so for this webinar I decided to look at some

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LinkedIn – Advanced Techniques for Recruiters

Today I’m running a free webinar on Advanced LinkedIn Techniques for Recruiters. I’ll be talking about the very many things that can be done with LinkedIn to find candidates, have them find you, build networks, and many other techniques to

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More Advanced Sourcing for Recruiters – Webinar Thur 19th July 2012

My Last webinar on Sourcing for Recruiters proved massively popular and so I have included a recording of one of the sessions below. I wanted to continue from my previous webinars focusing on Google Operators and looking in detail at

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Sexy SEO for Recruiters

I’m running an experiment to see just how fast Google can index my Recruitment blog. Watch my video to see what happens. This video shows that it really is only a few seconds from creating a new post until Google

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Finding Contact Details for Candidates

On Thursday (1st March) I’m running a free webinar on finding candidate contact details. Very often recruiters can find a prospective candidate but not their contact details. This is particularly now that sites like LinkedIn are limiting the information they

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Sourcing Candidates through LinkedIn

I wrote this post some time ago but thought it is still very useful information and goes quite well with my current webinar series. Sourcing I ran a webinar on using LinkedIn to source candidates and integrating this with Intelligence.

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Sourcing Candidates and Vacancies – free internet search tools

This is a recording of the first of my new series of recruitment webinars. This week I’m talking about using the internet to find candidates and vacancies. In my normal job at Intelligence Software I spend my time developing recruitment software, clever

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