Finding Contact Details for Candidates

On Thursday (1st March) I’m running a free webinar on finding candidate contact details. Very often recruiters can find a prospective candidate but not their contact details. This is particularly now that sites like LinkedIn are limiting the information they give you, it is becoming harder to make contact with people you find. I’ll be talking about ways to find email addresses, telephone number, connect through other social sites or networks. I’ll be showing real examples to find people and giving tips on the best way to approach candidates.

This is a free webinar that will last 30 minutes. I’m running the webinar twice so please choose your time (in your time zone) and click the link below.

Thursday 1st March (9am – UK and Ireland) (11am South Africa) click here
Thursday 1st March (11am – UK and Ireland) (1pm South Africa) click here

A recording of my last webinar on using Twitter for recruitment is now on my blog page

If you know of any other recruiters who may be interested in listening to this webinar please forward this email. I’d be very grateful if you can use the links above to share this webinar on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook or any other networks you may use. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter @1ntelligence


Shane McCusker

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