POPIA with Vanessa Raath

I’m delighted to be able to share a conversation I had with Vanessa Raath around POPIA. I’ve known Vanessa for very many years and have been delighted with the work she has been doing to build her business as a Recruitment Sourcer and Trainer.

Vanessa is a great person to get the ‘word on the street’ with regard to POPIA. From our conversation, it would appear, that there is still much uncertainty with regard to what POPIA will mean for recruiters. It is understandably confusing what recruiters should and should not be doing.

I develop Intelligence, a CRM/ATS for recruitment agencies. I’ve been working with GDPR, the European data privacy legislation, and POPIA for several years. I have some knowledge of the requirements of the legislation and what recruiters are doing with regard to data privacy. With Vanessa, I’ve explained some of the challenges facing recruiters and the steps I believe they must take.

Data Privacy causes real problems for recruiters and the systems they use. I’ve built many simple tools to help recruiters to manage their data and solve the problems they face.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing more blogs on data privacy to share insights from me and other experts. If you would like to see these, please subscribe to my mailing list. If you would like any information about Intelligence or the tools we provide to help recruiters manage data privacy. Please contact me at any time by phone on the Contact Us form on this site.

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