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For online support, we can connect into your computer using Quick Assist. To allow us to do this, please contact us for a security code. If you don’t have Quick Assist installed, click on the button below to get Quick Assist from the Microsoft App Store.

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Intelligence Cheat Sheets

Download our new cheat sheets to help you use Intelligence more effectively!


Various options on adding and editing candidate records and CVs


Add and edit Client and Company Contact records


Load Vacancies to Intelligence and post them automatically to your website

Searching: Match Candidates to Vacancies

Search from a Vacancy to find matching candidates

Searching: Anything and Everything

Search for anything and everything on your database!

The Shortlist Process

Once shortlisted to a Vacancy, take your candidates through from Contacted to Placed


Use multiple channels of communication to communicate quickly and efficiently with your candidates and company contacts

Bulk Emails

Send out bulk emails or mail merges to candidates or company contacts from any Shortlist or Search results

Jobs Dashboard

The Jobs Dashboard displays details on all vacancies, giving you real-time visibility on what's happening in your business

Admin & Customisation

Use the Admin section to customise your database to your specifications

Diary & To Do List

Use the Intelligence Diary & To Do List to add events and reminders to your database


Intelligence writes bespoke reports suited to your specific requirements