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Data Privacy and Intelligence

Following on from my previous blogs on Data Privacy, this week I’m looking at some of the work I have been doing to address the issues a data privacy approach creates. In this video, I explain some key problems and the simple solutions that all recruiters need to put in place to easily manage the challenge of keeping data tidy.

The purpose of data

Recruiters keep data for a purpose. In relation to Candidates, this usually means CVs and other personal information for the purpose of hiring them for a job. That purpose, however, can only be for a specific duration. If the recruiter cannot provide their recruitment service then they have no right or reason to hold onto data. In fact, getting rid of data they do not need will give recruiters a tidy, up-to-date database that allows them to work much more effectively and not waste time trying to contact people with out-of-date data or who just don’t want to be contacted.

Everyone collects data. We can’t avoid it. The challenge facing us is how do we delete the data we don’t need. When we get data, we generally don’t know for how long we will need it. Reviewing data, record by record, to tidy up a database, is far too time-consuming to expect it to be done in a timely fashion.

Tools to delete data

Intelligence is a Recruitment Agency CRM/ATS (Contact management system and Applicant tracking system). We’ve specifically designed it to allow recruiters to easily manage their data and delete the data they don’t need. Intelligence, like most Recruitment CRM/ATS systems, allows recruiters to ‘Boolean search’ their data with keywords. To search for data to delete has meant that Intelligence has been designed to allow for much more complex searches. Most recruiters will want to keep different types of data for different periods of time. Intelligence can search a database and easily find all the records to delete based on all the different types of data there are.

Candidate records, once no longer required, can be found with a single click. These can be easily reviewed by a recruiter and then deleted in bulk. Very often, however, it is only the personal data that should be deleted (CV, employment history etc). Non-personal data, such as data relating to the recruiters business, should be kept.

As my previous blogs have explained, there are several extremely important reasons that recruiters need to embrace data privacy. Given the amount of data that recruiters manage, it is only possible to do this with the proper tools. Intelligence is one of the very few Recruitment CRM/ATS systems that allows recruiters to properly and effortlessly manage their data in this way.

For more information on Intelligence, please contact us at any time.

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