Embracing Data Privacy

This is the introduction to a series of blogs on embracing Data Privacy for Recruiters. Data Privacy is a hot topic. Social Media. Big Tech. Hacking. The media is full of stories of how our privacy is gone and a battle is commencing between global regulators and the all-powerful technology companies.

This is scary stuff and highlights the fact that data privacy is a massive issue that affects us all. We all have responsibility for our own data, the data we share and the data we control.

Everyone is responsible.

Data Privacy is not a compliance issue for a legal team or a security issue for an IT team. Data Privacy needs to be embraced by everyone. You need to understand the issues and plan to take advantage of the opportunities.

Embracing Data Privacy means much more than compliance to a basic standard. Embracing Data Privacy means actively defending against the threats and fully taking advantage of the very many opportunities.

I hope to help recruiters make a plan. A plan to get on top of Data Privacy in a way that they will work smarter, more effectively and make more placements with less effort.

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