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The changing attitudes to Data Privacy.

Attitudes to Privacy and data protection and changing for the better and it is vital that businesses embrace these changes and lead the way in a culture of improving their use of Data. 2018 saw the introduction in Europe of

Recruitment Bots – What’s it all about

Bots seem to be yet another technology buzz word set to be the next big thing in the recruitment industry. It is often the case that many such buzz words seem to have absolutely no benefit or relevance to the

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Talking Facebook at Evolve

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the Evolve Summit in Brno the Czech Republic. I gave two presentations, Sourcing on Facebook and Candidate Engagement. Below is a recording of my Facebook talk. Thanks to Michal Toman and

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Recruiters – Finding Love on Facebook

St Valintines day is later this week and thanks to a suggestion from Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting, I have upgraded my Facebook Search tool to help love lorn recruiters find the love of their life. This is a free

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New LinkedIn Search tool

I’ve been working to upgrade my Facebook search tool and have added a number of new features. This video describes the new LinkedIn search features and how to use these. Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve developed

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Sourcing with Facebook

It is a surprise to me that Sourcing on Facebook is not more common. It seems that most recruiters turn first to job boards or LinkedIn or maybe even their own database before venturing further into the many other internet

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Facebook Search

Earlier this year, I designed a tool to help recruiters search for people on Facebook. It has proven to be an extremely popular tool with thousands of people around the world. It was based on work by Balazs Paroczay who

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Searching, Sharing, Scrapping and Shane’s Blog

This months free recruiter tool is an update of my Recruiter Bookmarklet previously called Shanes Tools. This is a very handy tool that I personally use all the time. It combines Searching, Sharing, Scrapping and finally a link to this

Another way to Search LinkedIn

Last month I developed a very clever search tool for LinkedIn and this month I’ve developed another one. Last months tool was inspired by work from Irina Shamaeva and this months tool was inspired by the work of Steve Beckitt

Search LinkedIn

When searching LinkedIn there are been two main methods used by recruiters, either searching directly though LinkedIn or using a search engine to x-ray the public profiles on linkedIn. These two methods work in different ways and so give different

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