Bots seem to be yet another technology buzz word set to be the next big thing in the recruitment industry. It is often the case that many such buzz words seem to have absolutely no benefit or relevance to the average recruiter (Cloud Computing or Big Data) and so I tend to adopt a skeptical approach and like to see significant real-world benefits before making any efforts to jump on the bandwagon. That said, with regard to Recruitment Bots, there just might be something useful in this.

It has taken me quite some time to see the light. I can certainly see how Recruitment Bots can be used to change and automate parts of the candidate experience but this in itself does not necessarily offer a benefit to anyone. There is a real danger that a bot could be like hiring the worst imaginable receptionist who can upset massively large numbers of people with minimal effort.

To be genuinely transformative, Bot technology has to do something that genuinely improves or better still completely replaces conventional systems.

I recently recorded a 3 min video with Jim Stroud (JimBot) discussing Bots and some of the transformational things they can do.

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