More Advanced Sourcing for Recruiters – Webinar Thur 19th July 2012

My Last webinar on Sourcing for Recruiters proved massively popular and so I have included a recording of one of the sessions below. I wanted to continue from my previous webinars focusing on Google Operators and looking in detail at how different search engines operate and can give different results. I talk about Bing and some of the cool ways of using it to find very specific web pages. I also look at LinkedIn and see how it can be used in different ways to find useful candidates.

I will be running my next webinar in August so if you’d like me to email you details of this please subscribe to my mailing list of connect with me on LinkedIn.

I run the webinars for free and share what I know through word of mouth. If you find this material useful I would be very grateful if you can share it with others. Please email anyone you think will be interested in this and use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin so share it. Please let me know what you thin, I’m very happy to receive connections and recommendations through LinkedIn.


Please explore the rest of this site to see my other webinars, blogs and a whole range of material on Recruitment Software, especially Intelligence which is the recruitment software database that I create.

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2 comments on “More Advanced Sourcing for Recruiters – Webinar Thur 19th July 2012
  1. Tracey says:

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to watch your “Sourcing for Recruiters” webinar but for some reason the video won’t load on your blog page. Is there anywhere else that I can find the video, as I actually attended the webinar when you did it, but really want to hear some of it again.


  2. shane says:

    Hi Tracy,

    The video is hosted on YouTube so you can see it there however I suspect that the reason that you are having difficulty is perhaps that you can’t view YouTube videos. This is a restriction sometimes put in place by system administrators so you should contact your IT people and ask that this restriction be removed.

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