When searching LinkedIn, there are been two main methods used by recruiters – either searching directly through LinkedIn or using a search engine to x-ray search the public profiles on LinkedIn. These two methods work in different ways and therefore give different results.

Searching through LinkedIn is great because you can search the full profiles. However, the results are based on your network and on a free account. LinkedIn is now further limiting the searches and results you can access.

An x-ray search, on the other hand, searches all the public profiles and gets lots of good results. But public profiles often have less information than full profiles and contain other information not related to the profile at all.

Thanks to work shared with me from Irina Shamaeva, I’ve now developed a new way to search LinkedIn. This tool combines ideas from x-ray searching and direct searching and generates different results to the other two search methods.

The search tool is available here. Please try it out and let me know what you think. I’m still working on ways to improve this so feedback is very welcome. I’d be grateful if you can share this on social media.

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