Recruiters – Finding Love on Facebook

St Valintines day is later this week and thanks to a suggestion from Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting, I have upgraded my Facebook Search tool to help love lorn recruiters find the love of their life.

This is a free Chrome Extension that allows you to search Facebook and now you can use it to search for people by their relationship status. As an example, I’ve recorded a short video demonstrating how to find single people, interested in men who like recruiters.

I can think of no practical recruitment application for this new feature but hopefully you will enjoy using it for more social pursuits and perhaps find love. This is a free tool but if you like it, I’d be very grateful ┬áif you can share it and encourage more recruiters to think about sourcing techniques and how to find better candidates.


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3 comments on “Recruiters – Finding Love on Facebook
  1. Scott Gorain says:

    Hi Shanes,

    It is always difficult to discover right talent for a post. I always find your blogs informative for recruitment point of view. This post is also adhering to that one.

    keep blogging like this!

  2. Jack Peters says:

    Your Intelligence Software is splendid, keep your great ideals advancing, it’s a great work, ” BRAVO ”

  3. Adam Mathews says:

    I have always liked your posts. Being an HR Manager i continuously look for hiring good talent through new techniques. Your posts come in handy.
    Thanks for posting.

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