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Earlier this year, I designed a tool to help recruiters search for people on Facebook. It has proven to be an extremely popular tool with thousands of people around the world. It was based on work by Balazs Paroczay who had written a blog explaining some of the ways that Facebook Graph search works and made use of a number of search operators to construct complex and very useful searches. I was reviewing this and, after some investigation, it turns out that what I have done so far is just the tip of the iceberg and there are a vast array of other ways that can also be used to search Facebook.

My original tool made use of around 10 Facebook operators and combined them in ways to create all sorts of complex searches. I went looking for more operators and have managed to find an additional 250 of them. This creates massive scope for more types of searches and new ways to tap the mine of information on Facebook and the billion-plus people who use it.

New Tool

I have now designed a new tool to utilize a small proportion of the new operators I have found. It is available here as a free Chrome Extension, so I encourage all recruiters to try it and see what you can find.

Of the new features, I am particularly excited about the ways it can search for friendships and connections between people and groups. From a recruiter’s point of view, a big problem of sourcing on Facebook is that most people don’t say where they work or what they do. However, I can now search for anyone on Facebook who is friends with anyone else and best of all, I can see the friends of more people have in common. This means if I know two or more people who work together then chances are that the friends they have in common also work with them.

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