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I have created a new Facebook search tool that has much better functionality then my first tool (available below). The new tool is a Google Chrome extension so you must use Google Chrome as your browser and then click the link below to go to the Chrome Store. Once there, simply click the button to install the extension. It is a simple process to install this tool. If you find this tool useful I will be very grateful if you can share it and write a review in the Chrome Store site.

Facebook Search Tool

Before using this tool it is recommended that you change your language settings in Facebook to English (US).

Below is my first Facebook search tool, please let me know what you think and share it on Social Media. This has been developed with inspiration and support from Balazs Paroczay.
NB. Your browser may need to be logged into Facebook for this to work. If there is a problem log into Facebook and try again.

  • Lukas

    Sure this can help a lot, thanks!

  • http://www.mosaicinfo.org Jason Metz

    I love the tool for searching facebook! It works just like I would hope and is pretty darn slick.

    • http://iamkeng.com Watcharapol Sriwongchai

      I agree with you.

  • http://iamkeng.com Watcharapol Sriwongchai

    Hi i very like this tool thanks you very much ^_^

  • Tori Jones

    This is a pretty awesome tool. How can I add differnt variables to the search….ie I search for the “current job” (software engineers) AND “lives” north carolina. Or would I just build the string out like they do in the blog?

    • shane

      Facebook does not deal well with normal Boolean syntax. Within one filed of this form you can add as many keywords as you like and Facebook will sort of OR these together (Quite badly) Combining this with the AND function (Which works much better) you can build up quite complex searches. Please see Balazs blog for exactly what is happening here and how to use this.

  • Ainsley


    I really like the tool and concept. I have one issue though and that is that I cannot get the AND button to work and therefore can only work with one search query at a time. If this could be resolved I would definately recommend to collegues.


    • shane

      Hi, Can you tell me what is happening when you press the AND button. This uses java script so you may want to upgrade your browser or even use a different browser to see if that works better for you.

      • Ainsley Greig

        Hi Shane.

        Essentially nothing happens. I suspect this is more to do with my work environment as I have now tested on my android and works perfectly. I have passed this onto our training manager as it’s a great tool. Many thanks

        • shane

          Thank you, it is good to hear it is working on Android.

  • http://www.psdgroup.com Vic Matthews

    Perfect, thanks! Works very well in Chrome.

  • http://iamkeng.com Watcharapol Sriwongchai

    Hi Please add Age and Gender
    Thanks you very much

  • Mike Kujawski

    Thanks for this! I was wondering what happened to Graph Search.

  • Mike Kujawski

    Any idea why a simple search for “people who work at X location” works one FB account and not on another one? Is there something in the privacy setting that could affect this? My language is set to US english on both

    • Joe Smith

      Go kill your self

  • Matt Presser

    I just tried it and it works very well! I was getting no results when i was searching on Facebook directly. Great work!

  • http://careers.hermes-europe.co.uk/ Dale Taylor

    Excellent tool. I’ll be using this from now on.

  • http://www.recruiting-online.com/ Glenn Gutmacher

    Shane, can you add a residents-near option so it searches an entire metro area? Your current Lives/Lived options are only searching that exact location, which in the case of a city name, is not going to pick up people in the surrounding suburbs. This is fixed syntax on Facebook so it should be easy to insert in your JavaScript. Many thanks!

  • disqus_0BmrZM1kqg

    Please add gender selection ! i work modifying old graph links that i found in my history, been looking for a tool like this, thanks !

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  • Taina Martinez

    It’s not allowing me to use the AND option. I can only search one criteria. Any idea why?

    • Keith

      This happened to me when I tried it in Internet Explorer. Try using it in Chrome.

  • http://i.imgur.com/p4tUToS.jpg Arthur

    how do i search video posts

  • Dan Louks

    This is excellent! I was wondering if there was a way of adding a function to allow to search for groups with certain criteria? I do a lot of searching for employment groups for cities across the U.S. and it’s a tedious process.

  • Taina Martinez

    Thank you! The Google Chrome option worked! Is there a way to add male or female option to the search filter?

  • Masentle

    Hi Shane – is this search tool only limited to people on my contact list and info previously shared with me? I now cannot seem to get the same kind of search results that I was previously getting, which included people I was not friends with. Could this possibly be affected by my privacy settings? Thanks!

  • Anda

    Hi! Thanks for the tool. I have one question: how can i save the search results and use them as audience for my ads?

  • Arletta

    Wow! Love it!

  • ana lukacs

    Hello, I have a question, is there any possibility to have an option ” -software”, if I am searching for a specific profile and I want to exclude some titles in the job title or some organizations?

  • Mateusz Smoczynski

    Did it stop working all of sudden?

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  • Kevin Ireland

    Shane, great tool. I don’t know how much more effort you want to put into it, but the following features would be very useful to me. They were supported in the older (and partially in the newer) FB graph search.

    1) Attends/attended school name

    2) Is my FB friend / Is a friend of a FB friend / is not my FB friend

    One commenter asked you to incorporate the old “lives near” function, such as “lives near Chicago.” That would help me as well.


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  • Jon Butcher

    In case you didn’t know already, it only seems to work when your language settings on FB are set to English (US).

  • Michelle Holt

    Hi Shane I am unable to use the ‘and’ button to add criteria to my search – do you know what might be causing this?

  • Michelle Holt

    Hi Shane I am unable to use the ‘and’ button to widen my search criteria. Do you know why this might be happening?

  • Anshuman Pakharia

    This is a great tool Shane to Tap Facebook from Recruiting standpoint, Just need skills section to be added if possible to reach right profile.

  • Alisha

    alisha khan

  • Alisha

    Alisha khan l love u alisha khan
    pakistan l love u

  • Candice Kilgo

    This is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Rob The-Animal Janjua

    Thanks is an awesome tool :) It works for me, but my colleagues aren’t able to, is there anything specific they need to do with their settings? Help

  • karthik

    Please add college and university coloumn

  • Connie

    is there a cost to the software?

  • Maanikhan

    hi. .. every one goodmorning

  • Maanikhan

    hi tania

  • Srikanth S Reddy

    this is really good helping me lot

  • dude

    This works fairly well to post the filtered list on my screen. Would like to export to CSV. When using your Chrome plugin tool, I noticed that the export is limited to the info cached in Chrome. If I scroll down to cache more results, it works up until a point. Then I get the Chrome error “Aw snap…” and I lose the results. Suggestions? Thank you!

  • Kejen Suwandi

    Good tool, please add suggestion feature like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kkZxgISuC0

  • Lori Howell

    Question, when we get our search results, can we actually message this person on Facebook? I was told it does not necessarily come into them as a “message”.

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  • John

    the download in chrome extension closes directly when the window loses focus. possible to change this? now i must wait until it finish,

  • Andrei Zyuzikov

    How to add an age?

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  • frikkie5000

    This is so helpful, thanks a million!

  • http://leverageyourtimemarketing.com/ thatvideoagency

    I just came across this! I’ve been needing this to generate leads. Now I can build custom audiences with this. Thank you!

  • https://www.odesk.com/o/profiles/users/_~~6822e5762fbbd55e/ Filip Galetic

    Is it possible to upgrade this so you can look for PAGES liked by people who like certain pages?

  • Bijou Bakson

    Does this work on mobile phone?

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