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  • Brendan Rogers

    Hi Shane, Interesting tool. I would be very interested to find a way to scrape these results into a format I can make use of. I have already attempted scraping the data using WebScraper ( however I cannot select elements as they are embedded into the page. Is it possible to have the results populate in a separate page, or a format that makes scraping easier?

  • Tim

    You’ve created an excellent tool yet again! I have been following you for some time on Twitter and really value your work. I’ve made great use of the information and tools. Thanks Shane and keep up the good work!

  • Doug Ales

    Great job Shane! I have posted an article on LinkedIn with a link to this tool.

    • Donna

      I don’t understand why people keep posting about ways of gaming LinkedIn on LinkedIn itself. We know they’re watching – don’t you think they’ll find a way to block this?

      • Teddy Burriss

        They can’t block this search Donna. It’s a simple google search automated by a web page. If LinkedIn blocks this search they will effectively block Google search of LinkedIn. Truly, this is not gaming LinkedIn, it’s just a more effective way of using Google Search.

  • Bea Jimenez

    This is a great tool! But I have a question, when all the results are shown, how to identify if the person’s profile is openlink or open networker? Thanks

  • Tuyen Doan

    This is a great tool. It help me very much in searching candidates. Please tell me how to see more 10 pages. Thanks

  • Dana Williams

    Absolutely amazing. I have been using your free facebook app on Chrome. Wondering what the difference is in free vs. paid.

  • Teddy Burriss

    Thanks guys. This is much simpler than building the site: search string manually. I appreciate this.

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  • Shirley

    Do you know whether Linkedin have blocked people from using your
    Linkedin Search too? For e g if I search on someones name on Linkedin
    the profile comes up, but if I type in your link into the url then it will not
    connect. I think this tool has been blocked. Please advise.

  • P Praveen

    this is an wordpress site

  • Mahesh Ram

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