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How to Find People in a Location

This weeks webinar is all about Location based Candidate Sourcing. Very often my sourcing demonstrations find candidates in big cities with big populations but what happens when you want candidates in a remote area with perhaps only a few thousand

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Greg Savage – The Future of Recruitment

Recruitment is Broken Many people will know Greg Savage through his blog, The Savage Truth, or indeed his illustrious career in the recruitment industry. I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Greg during which his message to the

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Sourcing with TheSourceress – Facebook Graph Search for Recruiters

I’m delighted to be joined by the legendary Katharine Robinson aka @TheSourceress. Katharine is a world class internet sourcer, one of the first sourcers in the UK and former Grandmaster SourceCon champion. Katharine is a goldmine of information and inspiration

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LinkedIn for Secret Agents (and recruiters)

I’m delighted to be joined by Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones who is talking about using LinkedIn for Stalking, Spying and Infiltrating candidates and clients. In short, a wide range of techniques for recruiters to get more from Linkedin to

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More Advanced Sourcing for Recruiters – Webinar Thur 19th July 2012

My Last webinar on Sourcing for Recruiters proved massively popular and so I have included a recording of one of the sessions below. I wanted to continue from my previous webinars focusing on Google Operators and looking in detail at

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Online Recruitment Software

There has been much talk about Cloud computing or SAAS recruitment software and the massive benefits for a recruitment agency to move to the Cloud. I find this quite amazing for two reasons, firstly most people I speak to aren’t

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Sourcing Candidates through LinkedIn

I wrote this post some time ago but thought it is still very useful information and goes quite well with my current webinar series. Sourcing I ran a webinar on using LinkedIn to source candidates and integrating this with Intelligence.

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