Be found on LinkedIn

This is my second video in my beginners guide to sourcing and social recruitment. Today I’m talking about LinkedIn and how to make sure that your profile is found. LinkedIn is not just a place to find candidates, it can also be a fantastic place for Candidates or Clients to find your Linkedin Profile.

It still amazes me how some professional recruiters have very poor LinkedIn profiles with tiny numbers of connections. While I have often said that the recruitment industry is becoming too reliant on LinkedIn this is not an excuse to ignore it or pretend it is not important. When Candidates or Client search on LinkedIn or even on Google it is important that you can be found on LinkedIn. It takes just a little thought and effort to build a good LinkedIn profile and use it to great effect so for all those that need a few pointers to get the basics right I hope you’ll find my video useful. If you like this video please please share it 🙂


I’m planning more of these basic videos so please check back here in the next few days.


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Introduction to Sourcing for Recruiter (Boolean Search)

I’m starting a series of short videos to help recruiter learn about internet sourcing. This is my first episode and it’s about Boolean search, what Boolean search is and how a recruiter can use really simple searches to find candidates and make more placements. I demonstrate how to search with Google to find results and not find job adds. I also use Image search techniques to find just the people I’m looking for.
This is the first video in a series. I’m planning further videos on searching LinkedIn, searching Twitter, Advances Google Operators, Sourcing is niche sites to find hard to find candidates and much more.


Please share these videos with other recruiters and on Social media. I’m planning my next video some time next week, if you’d like me to email you about my videos please subscribe to this blog here

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Free Recruiter Tools

I’ve had a great response to my Shane’s Tools for recruiters. However I know that there was a problem for some people who use Internet explorer and so I’ve split these in two and I’m reasonably sure these new versions will work across all browsers. Please let me know if you find any problems.

I’ve now split this into two free recruiter tools one of which allows you to quickly search any selected text across Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Wikipedia. I’ve left my quick tweet and the link to my blog. I’d be very grateful if you can use these links to share my blog.

For my second tool you can search any domain to find email addresses and then use the email address scraping functions to load then into a separate window. This function will work on any web page, not just a Google result so please experiment with how it can be used.

To install either of thee tools simply drag and drop the button below onto the bookmark or favorites bar on your browser. You may have to adjust the settings of your browser is this is not normally visible.

Shanes Email Tools

Shanes Search Tools


If you’re in any doubt how these tools work, you’re welcome to watch the following video that I created for a previous version of these tools.

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Search for and Scrape Email Addresses

I regularly want to find email addresses for particular companies and so I’ve developed a free tool to help find email addresses and then extract them from any web page.

Drag and drop the button below onto your bookmark bar in your browser. When you want to find email addresses for the site your on, press the button to find email addresses and you’ll get a Google search for what you’re looking for. Pressing the Extract Emails button will scrape the page and put all the email addresses found into a new window.

Shanes Tools

Thanks to a comment made about this tool earlier today it will work with all domains and not just those starting www. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

For more on bookmarklets and my LinkedIn/Google/FaceBook/Twitter/YouTube search bookmarklett see this blog post.

If you find this useful, please share.


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Building a Big Recruitment Agency

The vast majority of recruitment companies are very small businesses, many with fewer than five staff. I have spent much of my career in Intelligence software looking for ways recruiters can be more successful and often I am drawn to looking at the barriers to growing a small agencies into a big one.

It occurs to me that recruitment is a business that should be more efficient with scale. The bigger you are the more vacancies you work on and so your chances of placing an individual candidate therefore increase. In practise however this does not seem to be the case and for most candidates, a good recruiter is as likely to be found in a small company as a big one. It is the individual skill of the recruiter that out performs the company or recruitment process that they work in.

Most recruitment companies grow to the size of one room and then, for some reason, stop growing. From my perspective, developing recruitment software, I see this as an obvious breakdown in communication as soon as your colleagues move to a second room. A room of recruiters can work together, sharing candidates and leads but there seems to be a point where this ability to share resources breaks down and so the larger companies divisionalise and loose the majority of the benefit that could be achieved through managed collaboration.

My solution to this problem has always been around the management of information and distilling the opportunities from the vast amount of data that recruitment agencies have to deal with. The tools however are only powerful if the management of the business is set up to take advantage of these opportunities. Perhaps then the real barrier to growth lies with the recruitment managers and the jump from managing a desk to managing a team of recruiters.
I was recently speaking to Greg Savage, a man who has taken small agencies to the big league, and I asked him what he though was the key to growing big.

Greg and I are running Recruitment Masterclasses for Recruiters and Owner/Managers of Recruitment Agencies. These are taking place in Johannesburg on the 26th May 2014 and in Cape Town on the 3rd of June 2014. For more information about these event see the web site

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I’m on Boolean Strings

I’m delighted that my new LinkedIn Alerts tool is on the home page of the Boolean Strings site ( I’ve put together a short video to show it off.

I’ve had lots of feedback since this tool went live a few weeks ago and am planning a number or developments so wathc this space.


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Recruiters will Die!

I was recently talking to Greg Savage about the changing world of recruitment and the premise that recruiters must Adapt or Die. Greg talked about dinosaur recruiters who cling to the methods of the past and proactively resist change. While I agree with this view, I see the successful recruiters of the future will still need all the skills it took to be a successful recruiter in the past, plus expert skills with the new techniques and technology.

The fundamental change in the recruitment industry in the past few years has been about the value of information. The primary value add for many recruiters ten years ago was simply that they could find candidates more cost effectively than their corporate clients. Ten years on and the tables have turned, with a simple Google search anyone can find thousands of candidates and so the value Agencies provide is not simply having a big database but of being able to extract value from the vast quantity of data that is available to them.

Next consider what has not changed in ten years. In spite of, and because of, all the new technology, recruitment is still really difficult. This should be celebrated within the Agency world as it is the one thing that will keep some of us employment.

My conclusion therefore is that while the objective remains unchanged but the way Recruitment Agencies add value, now and in the future, is radically changing.

My predictions for the future of the Agency Recruiter.

  1. Thanks to me and all the other recruitment technologists trying to make recruitment easier, we will continue to make it more and more difficult. (That’s a good thing)
  2. In the past few years, corporate recruiters have been able to recruit better than Agencies, because they had clever marketing departments to create employer brand. Agencies will specialist and create sectoral brands and ultimately these will give the agency market an advantage.
  3. The good recruiters will be valued and respected. The ‘no placement no fee approach’ has led to a lack of respect of the industry and this has to go. Recruiters need to take responsibility for filling the positions they work on.
  4. There will be a continuing polarization between the really good recruiters and the poor ones. We’ve long had celebrity sports people and even celebrity chefs who will be the first celebrity recruiter? My money is on Greg Savage.
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LinkedIn Alerts

I’ve been working very hard to develop some new recruiter tools and am delighted to have finished my new Intelligence Alerts system which is available here.

I wanted to develop a tool focused on business development for recruiters. My thought is that, one of the main reasons that companies recruit, is when someone leaves or joins. I’ve been looking at sourcing techniques to find people who change jobs and it can be done with some quite complex sourcing techniques.

Simply finding people through this search process however is only useful if you can regularly run the searches. Given the complexity of the process, particularly if you want to monitor many companies or keywords, this would seem a challenging task. My new tool simplifies and automates this process and provides a email alert with all this clever information.

I’d be really interested to get some ideas about how this can be used.

  • Perhaps you want to target a local employer for your services, how timely will your approach be if you contact them with a replacement for someone who has just left?
  • Perhaps you recruit in a particular discipline and want to find companies who are actively recruiting that skill.
  • Perhaps you want to monitor HR staff and call to introduce yourself within weeks of them starting a new job.
  • Perhaps you monitor your competitors or other recruiters to see who is moving within your own industry.

Please try this tool (It is available through the Recruiter Tools link above) and let me know what you think


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Help for abandoned children

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend of mine, Marie O’Loan. Marie, along with her husband Aodh and a small number of others, run a charity called the Sunshine Foundation. Motivated by the suffering of abandoned children in Romania, in 2001, they set up a house to look after 10 children. They trained staff and provide all the care and support to bring these children up in what may be considered a normal environment. If they had not done this, these children would have remained in appalling conditions with no education, no healthcare and no hope of ever leading a normal life. They secured support from the Romanian authorities and raise all other costs through charity fundraising in Northern Ireland. Twelve years on and their efforts have transformed the lives of the children they look after. They have expanded and now run a number of homes.

Some of the first children brought into their house are now young adults. They still need help however, and so, to provide employment and skills along with a method of local fund raising, they have now set up a shop in Romania selling household goods and clothing donated by people in Northern Ireland. This has been very successful.

Marie and her colleagues are now collecting items for the next container of goods for their shop which is going out in 2014. If you can donate anything to help in this please contact Marie through their web site.

I’ve known Marie and Aodh for some time. I think it is fantastic that they saw the suffering of others and give up so much of their time and resources to so effectively help these abandon children. All the people involved in their charity do this work in their spare time at no cost. In effect all the money and support they generate goes directly to help the children they look after.

I’d be very grateful if you can share this post to help promote the work of the Sunshine Foundation. If you are reading this and feel you can help them please do so. If you are inspired to help others in need, I hope Maire and Aodh’s example will spur you on to do so.


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3 Cool Linkedin Tools for Recruiters

This post was inspired by three really cool free LinkedIn tools for recruiters. I was watching some videos by Jeremy Roberts on the Sourcecon site I thought I’ll pull these tools together into one blog post. After doing this I got very excited and developed on Shane Bowen’s work to create my own tool that generates one super search tool.

A bookmarklet is like a bookmark in your browser toolbar but it does a little bit more and is very useful. Here are three really useful ones for LinkedIn.

First of all, LinkedIn’s very own Share on LinkedIn tool. This is fantastic to post any web page to LinkedIn (Try it with this blog) You can create LinkedIn updates, share it with any/all groups you’re in or even post it to individual connections. You can even use this link to post your update to Twitter.

I use Google Chrome as my browser and to install the tool simply drag and drop the link below to the toolbar.
Share on LinkedIn

Next up is a fantastically useful bookmarklet from Shane Bowen an his blog Sourcing Hacks Imagine you are surfing the web and find someones name. To go straight to their LinkedIn profile simply highlight their name and click the bookmarklet link. Shane has produced two bookmarklets, one for the normal free version of LinkedIn and one for those with a LinkedIn Recruiter account.

For a normal free account drag and drop this link LinkedIn Search

And for a LinkedIn Recruiter drag and drop this LinkedIn Recruiter Search

Finally A particularly useful tool for those with a free LinkedIn account and want to find a full name of a 3rd degree connection or indeed anyone on LinkedIn.
Before describing this, I should point out that quite some time ago I produced a YouTube video showing a Chrome extension I developed that did this and within a day, the lovely people at LinkedIn decided to close my account. As a result I did not release the tool and my account was reinstated. As a result I’m slightly nervous about mentioning this. However, I now see similar tools in various places on the web, the one I am use came from I know that an alternative version has been developed and is talked about on the Sourcecon blog but given my experience with my Chrome extension I don’t want to say too much about that.
This clever bookmarklet allows you to find the full name and connect with anyone from their profile page on LinkedIn. To avoid another problem with LnkedIn I’m not going to directly reference the bookmarklet on my site so if you want to try it out see or visit the Sourcecon blog page.

Inspired by all this I thought I’d develop my own tools. I really liked Shane Bowens LinkedIn search and I though why stop there. I also liked Glenns use of a bookmarklet combiner and so I’ve developed a really simple tool that allows you to highlight any text on a web page and then search LinkedIn, Twitter, Facbook, Google Plus or YouTube. I’ve also added in the Share on LinkedIn. Because I have no way of automatically updating this, I’d recommend you follow this blog to get updates, I’ve added a link here to make that easy too.

To install this simply drag and drop the button below to your bookmark bar/Favaorites bar.

Shanes Tools

The inspiration and cleverness for this post came from a range of sourcers including Glenn Gutmacher and a hangout video he did with Jeremy Roberts and Laurie DesAutels which is available at There is also a video/blog with Jan Bernhart and Jeremy Roberts who, like me, was inspired by Glenns discussion. Shane Bowen developed the LinkedIn search tools and his blog is Sourcing Hacks. Linkedin developed the Sharing Bookmarklet and this is also available on their site,

I hope you find these tools useful. If you like my blog please connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll be delighted to add you to my mailing list.


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