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This month’s free recruiter tool is an update of my Recruiter Bookmarklet previously called Shane’s Tools. This is a very handy tool that I personally use all the time. It combines Searching, Sharing, Scraping, and finally a link to this blog.

To install this, go to Shane’s Tools and simply drag and drop the button onto the bookmark bar of your browser. You can then select some text on a web page, click the bookmarklet and search Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or Wikipedia.

Searching, Sharing, Scraping

If you want to share the page you are on to LinkedIn, or Twitter, simply click the bookmarklet and share the page. If you want to scrape all the email addresses from the current page, select the relevant option and finally, if you want to visit my blog page click the link for Shane’s Blog.

Credit where credit is due. My original Bookmarklet tool was very much inspired by the work and webinars of Shane Bowen, Glenn Gutmacher, and Jeremy Roberts.

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