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I’ve been working very hard to develop some new recruiter tools and I’m delighted to have finished my new Intelligence LinkedIn Alerts system which is available here.

I wanted to develop a tool focused on business development for recruiters. My thought is that one of the main reasons that companies recruit, is when someone leaves or joins. I’ve been looking at sourcing techniques to find people who change jobs and it can be done with some quite complex sourcing techniques.

Simply finding people through this search process however is only useful if you can regularly run the searches. Given the complexity of the process, particularly if you want to monitor many companies or keywords, this would seem a challenging task. My new LinkedIn Alerts tool simplifies and automates this process and provides an email alert with all this clever information.

I’d be really interested to get some ideas about how this can be used.

  • Perhaps you want to target a local employer for your services. How timely will your approach be if you contact them with a replacement for someone who has just left?
  • Maybe you recruit in a particular discipline and want to find companies who are actively recruiting that skill.
  • You might want to monitor HR staff and call to introduce yourself within weeks of them starting a new job.
  • Or you may want you monitor your competitors or other recruiters to see who is moving within your own industry.

Please try this tool (it is available through the Recruiter Tools link above) and let me know what you think.

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