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Some months ago, when Google Plus was new and exciting. I ran a webinar on how it can be used by recruiters and a fantastic way to source candidates. I’m currently working on a new webinar to talk about how Google Plus has changed and developed. And so in advance of that, I’m reposting my original webinar and accompanying notes.

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Google Plus is Google’s brand new social platform. It has been described as the recruiter friendly Facebook. Even though it is only a few weeks old, it has already got tens of millions of profiles. From a recruitment point of view, this is massively exciting as these tens of millions of profiles are all up to date and reasonably searchable. Google+ is a mixture of ideas from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined with some new stuff from Google.

In this webinar, I’m talking about what it is and how to search it. I also mention the new Google Plus One button which I have put in the menu bar. If you like this video or any of the content on this web page, please click the button above and tell your circles.

As an added bonus, I made a very short tutorial on how to add your LinkedIn connections into Google+.

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