Free Recruiter Tools

I’ve had a great response to my Shane’s Tools for recruiters. However I know that there was a problem for some people who use Internet explorer and so I’ve split these in two and I’m reasonably sure these┬ánew versions will work across all browsers. Please let me know if you find any problems.

I’ve now split this into two free recruiter tools one of which allows you to quickly search any selected text across Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Wikipedia. I’ve left my quick tweet and the link to my blog. I’d be very grateful if you can use these links to share my blog.

For my second tool you can search any domain to find email addresses and then use the email address scraping functions to load then into a separate window. This function will work on any web page, not just a Google result so please experiment with how it can be used.

To install either of thee tools simply drag and drop the button below onto the bookmark or favorites bar on your browser. You may have to adjust the settings of your browser is this is not normally visible.

Shanes Email Tools

Shanes Search Tools


If you’re in any doubt how these tools work, you’re welcome to watch the following video that I created for a previous version of these tools.

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