Intelligence Software

This video is looking at sourcing techniques based on image searching. I’ve mentioned these techniques on other videos but I know it’s easy to miss the occasional click here and there so I thought these to handy tips deserve a video of their own.

I was at the SOSUEU Sourcing event and the Discover Sourcing in September, at both events I was speaking to Oscar Mager who was a speaker on this topic. Because of the developments in facial recognition software and the abundance of photographs that are on the internet, this is definitely an interesting area to work in.

I’ve been thinking about developing some tools to help sourcers use this technology although this is still a work in progress. I have no doubt I’ll be building the technology into Intelligence at some stage.

More videos coming soon. I’m changing my video format to make some shorter videos. This one is under 3 minutes, so please let me know if this is a more useful size to my usual 20-30 minute versions.

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