3 Cool Linkedin Tools for Recruiters

This post was inspired by three really cool free LinkedIn tools for recruiters. I was watching some videos by Jeremy Roberts on the Sourcecon site I thought I’ll pull these tools together into one blog post. After doing this I got very excited and developed on Shane Bowen’s work to create my own tool that generates one super search tool.

A bookmarklet is like a bookmark in your browser toolbar but it does a little bit more and is very useful. Here are three really useful ones for LinkedIn.

First of all, LinkedIn’s very own Share on LinkedIn tool. This is fantastic to post any web page to LinkedIn (Try it with this blog) You can create LinkedIn updates, share it with any/all groups you’re in or even post it to individual connections. You can even use this link to post your update to Twitter.

I use Google Chrome as my browser and to install the tool simply drag and drop the link below to the toolbar.
Share on LinkedIn

Next up is a fantastically useful bookmarklet from Shane Bowen an his blog Sourcing Hacks Imagine you are surfing the web and find someones name. To go straight to their LinkedIn profile simply highlight their name and click the bookmarklet link. Shane has produced two bookmarklets, one for the normal free version of LinkedIn and one for those with a LinkedIn Recruiter account.

For a normal free account drag and drop this link LinkedIn Search

And for a LinkedIn Recruiter drag and drop this LinkedIn Recruiter Search

Finally A particularly useful tool for those with a free LinkedIn account and want to find a full name of a 3rd degree connection or indeed anyone on LinkedIn.
Before describing this, I should point out that quite some time ago I produced a YouTube video showing a Chrome extension I developed that did this and within a day, the lovely people at LinkedIn decided to close my account. As a result I did not release the tool and my account was reinstated. As a result I’m slightly nervous about mentioning this. However, I now see similar tools in various places on the web, the one I am use came from Marklets.com. I know that an alternative version has been developed and is talked about on the Sourcecon blog but given my experience with my Chrome extension I don’t want to say too much about that.
This clever bookmarklet allows you to find the full name and connect with anyone from their profile page on LinkedIn. To avoid another problem with LnkedIn I’m not going to directly reference the bookmarklet on my site so if you want to try it out see Marklets.com or visit the Sourcecon blog page.

Inspired by all this I thought I’d develop my own tools. I really liked Shane Bowens LinkedIn search and I though why stop there. I also liked Glenns use of a bookmarklet combiner and so I’ve developed a really simple tool that allows you to highlight any text on a web page and then search LinkedIn, Twitter, Facbook, Google Plus or YouTube. I’ve also added in the Share on LinkedIn. Because I have no way of automatically updating this, I’d recommend you follow this blog to get updates, I’ve added a link here to make that easy too.

To install this simply drag and drop the button below to your bookmark bar/Favaorites bar.

Shanes Tools

The inspiration and cleverness for this post came from a range of sourcers including Glenn Gutmacher and a hangout video he did with Jeremy Roberts and Laurie DesAutels which is available at www.sourcecon.com There is also a video/blog with Jan Bernhart and Jeremy Roberts who, like me, was inspired by Glenns discussion. Shane Bowen developed the LinkedIn search tools and his blog is Sourcing Hacks. Linkedin developed the Sharing Bookmarklet and this is also available on their site,www.Linkedin.com

I hope you find these tools useful. If you like my blog please connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll be delighted to add you to my mailing list.


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6 comments on “3 Cool Linkedin Tools for Recruiters
  1. Raegan Hill says:

    Shane, love the tool! Just added to my bookmarks menu so I can click it easily. I’ll definitely share! Raegan http://www.linkedin.com/in/raeganhill

  2. Ryan Leary says:

    Shane when I click the bookmarklet it opens but the next click does not produce anything. Thoughts?

  3. Victoria Sorensen says:

    HI Shane – I am having trouble dragging the button to my toolbar, it makes my browser crash. Is there any other way to do it? Thanks Victoria

  4. KellyHastonFIRPDipRP says:

    This does not appear to work? Visited Chrome Store and again, the LinkedIn suggested app doesn’t work either?

  5. Shane, glad my Hangout inspired you to try something new. This bookmarklet works well/as advertised (at least in Firefox, my preferred browser) but once you select/highlight the text, click your bookmarklet and select the 1 site of interest to search on, you have to go back and rehighlight the text to select another site, so a suggestion to improve would be to have an option in the menu called “search all” which would open multiple browser tabs, each with results from a different social network.

  6. Jireh Group says:

    Thanks Shane the tools works great!

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