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Intelligence Software for Recruiters

A Recruitment CRM and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for specialist recruitment agencies – using intelligence to make you more placements, simply and efficiently.

Find out more about some of our awesome features!

Automated Data Management

We automatically monitor user activity and record an audit trail of activity for each candidate and client.

This includes capturing all incoming and outgoing emails relating to the candidate or client, and recording actions such as CV send outs, Interviews, Offers etc against both the candidate and client record.

Sourcing & Social Recruiting

Internationally recognised, best-in-class sourcing and social recruiting tools that have been shared and presented at SourceCon, SOSU and many other leading conferences.

Simplified Searching

Full boolean searching on candidates’ CVs. Customised classification filters.
Searching any and all fields within the database.

The result is a quick, relevant list of matching candidates that can be shortlisted to a vacancy with one-click.

Specialised searches for recruitment tasks.
Exception searching.

Shane’s Latest Blog

Shane’s blog provides a wide range of tips, tricks, tools and videos for recruiters on Sourcing and Social Recruitment techniques.

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  • Data – do you really need it?
    We go through life collecting data. We can’t avoid it. Every day, more emails, more communications, more people. Computer systems have grown to cope with this endless stream and happily hide the mess. Unfortunately, in a world of data breaches and privacy legislation, messy and out-of-date information is a big liability. This mess needs to be cleaned up. In an ideal world, our data would be tidy, up-to-date, and, most importantly, useful. We need a reason to keep data, a specific, time-limited purpose. We need to use the data for that purpose, within that time limit and then get rid…

About Shane

Shane McCusker, a former agency recruiter, founded Intelligence Software Ltd in 2005. His passion is to find new, more effective ways to recruit and match Candidates to Employers. Predominately this has lead him to develop a wide range of recruitment tools and technology as well as sharing ideas and techniques on Sourcing and recruitment.

As well as developing Recruitment Technology, Shane has a YouTube channel dedicated to Sourcing and Recruitment. He writes blogs and runs webinars on recruitment technology and techniques. He has been a regular speaker at sourcing and recruitment industry conferences.