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For anyone who has seen Shanes Recruitment blog you'll know that we're quite interested in finding clever ways to recruit better. We love developing new recruitment technology and lots of it we give away for free. Check out the 'Our Software' menu option to find tools to search for candidates, source new business and make your recruitment processes even more effective.

Recruitment Technology

Intelligence Software started in 2004. At that time most recruitment processes were extremely inefficient and based exclusively on advertising and hoping the right candidate would apply. Today the recruitment industry has been transformed by technology but yet making a placement is now harder than ever. Intelligence software is still here and still designing technology to simplify recruitment and make more placements.

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Shane blog provides a wide range of tips, tricks, tools and videos for recruiters on Sourcing and Social Recruitment techniques. Subscribe and be kept up to date with the latest ideas to find candidates and make more placements. Read my blog