Searching, Sharing, Scrapping and Shane’s Blog

This months free recruiter tool is an update of my Recruiter Bookmarklet previously called Shanes Tools. This is a very handy tool that I personally use all the time. It combines Searching, Sharing, Scrapping and finally a link to this blog.

To install this, simply drag and drop the button below onto the bookmark bar of your browser. You can then select some text in a web page, click the bookmarklet and search Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube or Wikipedia. If you want to share the page you are on to LinkedIn, or Twitter, simply click the bookmarklet and share the page. If you want to scrape all the email addresses from the current page there is an option for that and finally, if you want to visit my blog page click the link for Shanes Blog.

Shanes Tools

Credit where credit is due. My original Bookmarklet tool was very much inspired by the work and webinars of Shane Bowen, Glenn Gutmacher and Jermery Roberts.

22 comments on “Searching, Sharing, Scrapping and Shane’s Blog
  1. Denise Skyba says:

    This is a very cool tool. However I can not see to get the “scrape emails” tool to work on any page. Is there something else I need to be doing?

  2. stephmcdonald says:

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your willingness to share!

  3. Each of these things have been floating around the web for years (and as he mentions in the video, he created a version an earlier), but Shane has done a great job creating a nice collection of commonly-used functions in a handy bookmarklet set. Nice touch to add a semi-colon after each collected email address in the “scrape emails” function, so if you were then to paste it all in, say, the bcc: line of an email message, each address would be recognized properly with no additional processing.

  4. buddesatva says:

    Very interesting topics listed. I will be reading through these very soon.

  5. Anupam Lingampalli says:

    This is awesome………….

  6. Martin Freeman says:

    Hi Shane, came across this one the other today, seems like someone is copying your tool again. Doesn’t look like he is making money from it like others that are trying to. Regards Martin @ Expedia

  7. Dan says:

    I cant get this to work…hmmm

  8. Robert Molter says:

    I recently moved the Shane’s Tool blue button to my Chrome Browser bookmark bar. When I hover over it, it displays a javascript line. When I select text and click on Shane’s Tools nothing happens.

    Am I doing or have I done something incorrectly?

  9. Gia Hillenbrand says:

    Has the excel download function been discontinued? (FB Searching)

  10. Kay Chouhan says:

    Is it me or has this tool stop working?

  11. Milos Andjelic says:


  12. Steve Estle says:

    I’m also having problems using download function – anyone else able to make that work?

  13. Mike Babako says:

    hello i saw video on the impressive shane tool my question is does the shane tool have an android version?

  14. Tony Zhao says:

    can not see the tools

  15. E Resuello says:

    Hi everyone… I can not see the tool. Has it been removed?

  16. Jackie Liang says:

    Many thanks for kind sharing. But I could not see the “Shane’s Tools”. May I get a favor. thank you

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