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In preparation for my Google Plus For recruiters webinar on Thursday, I have been busy researching. It appears that there are not too many useful tools to help Recruiters find people and in fact it would appear that the most effective way is to use Google X-Ray searches. Glen Cathey wrote a very insightful blog on this subject here

I know that x-ray search is not for everyone so inspired by Glens blog and a Google Plus conversation earlier today, I thought there must be a better way. The challenge was to develop a simple tool that allows you to search for people on Google Plus based in a particular location and with particular key words.

It’s Late at night, I’ve just finished writing this so it’s probably full of bugs but please give it a go and let me know what you think.

Please share my blog and connect. My Webinar on Google Plus, like all my recruitment webinars is free and available here.

Shane McCusker(@1ntelligence) (LinkedIn)

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12 comments on “Searching Google Plus
  1. Hung Lee says:

    Like it Shane, simple and does the job.

    I will test in greater depth, but the user demographic of Google+ already does a great of the work for sourcers, especially for engineering talent.

    Will drop into the webinar!

  2. shane says:

    Thanks Hung

  3. WOW! Shane it WORKS!!!

    In fact, I might just found exactly what I was looking for. I’ll let you know if the search I did actaully fills the role.

    Strangely enough I never thought of Google + in this way… what was I thinking… 🙂

    Well done!

    • shane says:

      Hi Ivan,
      Glad you like it. Google plus is really interesting, it has millions of people using it and it would appear that the vast majority of these aren’t on LinkedIn.

  4. Great job, Shane! I’m impressed!

    Question: Is the keyword field boolean searchable? If not, and you plug in multiple keywords, is there an implied AND or OR inbetween?

    I just did a quick search for recruiting manager (no quotes or boolean operators) and am pretty sure that it’s pulling up folks with either “recruiting” or “manager” (not both). Is that right?

    Thanks for a great tool! Will definitely share!

    • shane says:

      Hi Stacy,

      Yes it is. The location fields should be just locations, don’t use quotation marks or boolean in there please. The keyword section however can be full Google boolean with ANDs and ORs and even Google operators.

      Thank you for sharing


  5. Alan Whitford says:

    Hi S

    Another in your line-up of great free tools to help the researchers

    Not sure why, but the search: Cheltenham or Oxford, recruitment – does not find me. 🙂



    • shane says:

      Hi Alan, That would be because you do not say where you have liven on your Google+ profile. Removing the location and putting your name in the keyword search and you’re at the top of the list

  6. Wesley says:

    I put in Wesley in first field, then South Africa in second and my name came up 3rd.. Need to improve my rankings!

  7. Hi Shane, well done. I just gave it a try and wasn’t able to find myself with location “Netherlands” (country) as I only specified “The Hague” (city) in my profile: Also, if I search on “Den Haag” I’m not able to find myself.

    In short, if there is no exact match with the location name you’ll not find the person.

    Note: I’ve just changed my location to “The Hague, Netherlands” to see if this works better.

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