Search for and Scrape Email Addresses

I regularly want to find email addresses for particular companies and so I’ve developed a free tool to help find email addresses and then extract them from any web page.

Drag and drop the button below onto your bookmark bar in your browser. When you want to find email addresses for the site your on, press the button to find email addresses and you’ll get a Google search for what you’re looking for. Pressing the Extract Emails button will scrape the page and put all the email addresses found into a new window.

Shanes Tools

Thanks to a comment made about this tool earlier today it will work with all domains and not just those starting www. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

For more on bookmarklets and my LinkedIn/Google/FaceBook/Twitter/YouTube search bookmarklett see this blog post.

If you find this useful, please share.


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12 comments on “Search for and Scrape Email Addresses
  1. Hi Shane, I don’t know if I am doing this wrong. But I used as a practice round and nothing came up. It doesn kick out email addresses. Nor…. Please advise… Vix

  2. Nkele Matsoso says:

    It worked, thanks for sharing Shane

  3. Cathy Mannis says:

    Hi, Shane: I tried dragging this and it would not “stick”. Can you show a screen shot of where you are storing the button?

  4. Javar Manning says:

    It worked for me as well. Thank you very much.

  5. Froggie says:

    Got the Shanes tools on my Firefox browser. Emails for this URL works. Extract emails do not open new window with emails extracted. Please help.

  6. Yves Greijn says:

    Shane, awesome bookmarklets. Not everythings is responsive at once. How to I set-up all of my accounts (so also Google+ etc)?

  7. Scott Damon says:

    how to download shane’s tools

  8. Geetha Singhee says:

    I would recommend eMail Prospector tool too – that takes in the name and company they are in and gives verified business email address.

    It’s latest and automated and does all the hard work for you.
    you can try the tool here ->

  9. Kei Reyes says:

    Thanks Shane, there are actually few chrome plugin who do this for example email scraper

    Anyway if you are a serious about finding emails of businesses and people, you want to have a look at AeroLeads which is one of the most powerful email generation software on the web. Unlike other software who scrapes, AeroLeads uses logic and algorithm to come up with emails.

    You can check it at AeroLeads for free signup to see how it works.

  10. Wang Milanda says:

    How does that work? EmailScraperChief can create, manage and run multi-tasks at the same time. Very easy to use and super fast. It has free version, if want to know more, come here:

  11. Jordan Crow-Stewart says:

    nice one mate!!

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