Recruiting with Twitter

I really do think more recruiters should be using twitter. It is such a powerful tool to find and engage with Candidates.

Recruiters are, in my opinion, far too obsessed with CVs. When are we going to realize that this is not the only way to understand a candidate. In fact how often do you look at a CV and forget that there may actually be a living breathing person behind it, who probably has a whole lot more going on in their lives than the sound byte under hobbies and interests would even begin to suggest.

Perhaps it is because of this Resume obsession that Twitter is such an under utilized recruitment resource. Twitter is perhaps as far away from a CV as it is possible to get. Perhaps it is simply this reason that so many recruiters can’t seem to appreciate the joys of using twitter to recruit. It is worth noting that Recruiters use LinkedIn to find Candidates but it is Twitter that candidates will turn to to find a job.

Twitter should not be considered the end goal, rather Twitter is the channel through which Recruiters can find and engage with the talent communities they are interested in. With Twitter Sourcing, it is all about who knows who (Friends/Follows).

In my video I give a simple example of how one twitter profile can lead in all sorts of interesting and profitable directions and find potential candidates who who never be found through conventional CV searching techniques.

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3 comments on “Recruiting with Twitter
  1. Barbs says:

    Great Shane, I will definitely try using Twitter more. I’ve got the hang of LinkedIn now, so this is something new to try for those hard-to-find professionals!

  2. Chris Dye says:

    Sh*T hot, more please………..CD

  3. Morten Besshø says:

    I agree, but in my opinion I would like to add that I am using the whole range of platforms and arenas in order to identify the right candidate. It appears to me that this new generation of “recruiters” is far too absessed with CV’s, perhaps their lack of common interest for people they do not know combined with a struggle to avoid people who might challenge themselves might be a reason.

    No matter what, but I am sorry to see that this branch is about to be destroyed by those who doesn’t understand that the art of recruiting is a business between people.
    A CV is nothing but a document which includes pasted buzzwords copied from an advertismements more or less composed by a person not able to verify the position.

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