Finding Keywords for Recruiters

Following on from my last blog about LinkedIn skills pages, I found a fantastic tip from Jim Stroud on using Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) to find keywords. Linkedin Skills was very useful for finding related keywords and it could be that Google is even better.

Check out my video demonstrating how its done.

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  • Raegan Hill

    I never knew you could do this and Jim Stroud knows just about every trick. Unfortunately, it’s not working for me. I am dragging the square down to include the blank sells and I’m holding the Ctrl button on my windows machine and I release both at the same time and it just repeats MySQL and PHP over and over and over. Any suggestions? Raegan

    • Stefano Van de Sant

      Hi Raegan,
      Have you been able to solve this problem yet? I’m experiencing exactly the same.
      Thx and best regards, Stefano

  • Abraham

    Does this trick still work ? I haven’t been able to use this at all.

  • Lorie Callies

    Great article!
    94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search candidates, this new tool helps make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized for recruiters and searches within LinkedIn. It was really helpful and my views are already increasing.