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Finding Contact Details for Candidates

On Thursday (1st March) I’m running a free webinar on finding candidate contact details. Very often recruiters can find a prospective candidate but not their contact details. This is particularly now that sites like LinkedIn are limiting the information they

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Twitter for Recruitment

Last weeks webinar was on Twitter and its use for Recruiters. I had a great response from this and lots of questions. I’ll be writing a proper blog post to recap on some of this very soon. In the mean

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Sourcing Candidates through LinkedIn

I wrote this post some time ago but thought it is still very useful information and goes quite well with my current webinar series. Sourcing I ran a webinar on using LinkedIn to source candidates and integrating this with Intelligence.

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Sourcing Candidates and Vacancies – free internet search tools

This is a recording of the first of my new series of recruitment webinars. This week I’m talking about using the internet to find candidates and vacancies. In my normal job at Intelligence Software I spend my time developing recruitment software, clever

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