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Recruitment Bots – What’s it all about

Bots seem to be yet another technology buzz word set to be the next big thing in the recruitment industry. It is often the case that many such buzz words seem to have absolutely no benefit or relevance to the

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Talking Facebook at Evolve

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the Evolve Summit in Brno the Czech Republic. I gave two presentations, Sourcing on Facebook and Candidate Engagement. Below is a recording of my Facebook talk. Thanks to Michal Toman and

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How to find anyone’s Contact Details

It is typically the case that a recruiter will find a good potential candidate on the internet but struggles to find any way of making direct contact with them. This is often the case when finding someone on LinkedIn where

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Recruiters will Die!

I was recently talking to Greg Savage about the changing world of recruitment and the premise that recruiters must Adapt or Die. Greg talked about dinosaur recruiters who cling to the methods of the past and proactively resist change. While

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Crowd Sourcing, Big Data and why it makes my head hurt.

Linkedin has turned off their Skill pages, it will be sadly missed. Perhaps it’s true that you only appreciate something when it’s gone. The Skills pages were very useful, it gave recruiters the ability to enter one skill and LinkedIn

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How to Find People in a Location

This weeks webinar is all about Location based Candidate Sourcing. Very often my sourcing demonstrations find candidates in big cities with big populations but what happens when you want candidates in a remote area with perhaps only a few thousand

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Greg Savage – The Future of Recruitment

Recruitment is Broken Many people will know Greg Savage through his blog, The Savage Truth, or indeed his illustrious career in the recruitment industry. I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Greg during which his message to the

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Searching Google Plus

In preparation for my Google Plus For recruiters webinar on Thursday, I have been busy researching. It appears that there are not too many useful tools to help Recruiters find people and in fact it would appear that the most

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Google Plus and the Future of Recruitment.

My next two recruitment webinars are: 16th May – Google Plus for Recruiters – 1pm UK & Ireland, which is 2pm in South Africa, 8am EDT, 5am PDT, 10pm Sydney Australia Click here to see this webinar 4th June –

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Quick Sourcing Techniques for Recruiters

I put together a short video looking at a sourcing challenge to find a Software Tester. Earlier today I ran a fantastic webinar with Katharine Robinson who was talking about Facebook Graph Search. (The recording is available on this blog)

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