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Introduction to Sourcing for Recruiter (Boolean Search)

I’m starting a series of short videos to help recruiter learn about internet sourcing. This is my first episode and it’s about Boolean search, what Boolean search is and how a recruiter can use really simple searches to find candidates

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Free Recruiter Tools

I’ve had a great response to my Shane’s Tools for recruiters. However I know that there was a problem for some people who use Internet explorer and so I’ve split these in two and I’m reasonably sure these┬ánew versions will

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Search for and Scrape Email Addresses

I regularly want to find email addresses for particular companies and so I’ve developed a free tool to help find email addresses and then extract them from any web page. Drag and drop the button below onto your bookmark bar

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Advanced Sourcing – Webinar

On Thursday the 21st June I’m running a free 30 minute webinar talking about some of the clever internet sourcing techniques that are available to recruiters. I’ll be demonstrating some of the tools and techniques that are used by professional

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LinkedIn Groups for Recruiters

Today’s webinar was about using LinkedIn groups for recruiters. I talked about finding groups, finding people in groups and connecting and communicating with those people. Below is a recording the webinar.

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LinkedIn Groups

This weeks free webinar (Thursday the 29th March) is all about LinkedIn Groups. I’ll be talking about how to use groups to find and connect with candidates and clients. How groups can be used to be seen as a voice

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Sourcing Candidates through LinkedIn

I wrote this post some time ago but thought it is still very useful information and goes quite well with my current webinar series. Sourcing I ran a webinar on using LinkedIn to source candidates and integrating this with Intelligence.

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