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Recruiters will Die!

I was recently talking to Greg Savage about the changing world of recruitment and the premise that recruiters must Adapt or Die. Greg talked about dinosaur recruiters who cling to the methods of the past and proactively resist change. While

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Google Plus for Recruiters

Google plus is now the second largest Social media site after Facebook with in excess of 359 million active users. Google plus is, to some extent, still the new kid on the bock compared to the other big names of

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Sexy SEO for Recruiters

I’m running an experiment to see just how fast Google can index my Recruitment blog. Watch my video to see what happens. This video shows that it really is only a few seconds from creating a new post until Google

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Your Business – What’s really happening?

This week Shane McCusker is talking about business information, how to get it and what to do with it that will really make a difference to your recruitment business. Businesses succeed when there is visibility and clarity about what is

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LinkedIn Groups for Recruiters

Today’s webinar was about using LinkedIn groups for recruiters. I talked about finding groups, finding people in groups and connecting and communicating with those people. Below is a recording the webinar.

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