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How to Find People in a Location

This weeks webinar is all about Location based Candidate Sourcing. Very often my sourcing demonstrations find candidates in big cities with big populations but what happens when you want candidates in a remote area with perhaps only a few thousand

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Social Recruiting

Social recruiting has been a buzz word for some time now but perhaps the time is right for this approach to recruiting to really take hold. For many Recruiters Social Recruiting extends as far as searching for profiles on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn for Secret Agents (and recruiters)

I’m delighted to be joined by Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones who is talking about using LinkedIn for Stalking, Spying and Infiltrating candidates and clients. In short, a wide range of techniques for recruiters to get more from Linkedin to

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Business Development for Recruiters

Here is a recording of yesterdays webinar on Business Development for Recruiters. I talk about a wide range of tools and techniques and I’d be very interested to hear your comments. Some of the links mentioned include http://www.intel-sw.com/search http://www.intel-sw.com/SearchLeavers http://www.jobchangenotifier.com/

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LinkedIn for Recruiters

Last weeks webinar was all about how Recruiters can use LinkedIn to be found by and find candidates. I have spoken at length many times before about searching with LinkedIn so for this webinar I decided to look at some

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LinkedIn – Advanced Techniques for Recruiters

Today I’m running a free webinar on Advanced LinkedIn Techniques for Recruiters. I’ll be talking about the very many things that can be done with LinkedIn to find candidates, have them find you, build networks, and many other techniques to

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Advanced Internet sourcing for Recruiters.

I regularly run free recruitment software and technology webinars and yesterdays, on Advanced Sourcing, proved more popular than most. This is a recording followed by my notes on what happened. I wanted to convey the shear scale of the subject

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Advanced Sourcing – Webinar

On Thursday the 21st June I’m running a free 30 minute webinar talking about some of the clever internet sourcing techniques that are available to recruiters. I’ll be demonstrating some of the tools and techniques that are used by professional

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Cool Tools for Recruiters

This weeks webinar was on cool tools for recruiters. I was talking about a range of tools available for recruiters and explaining why I think they are cools.

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Cool tools and techniques for Recruiters

I’m running a free 30 minute webinar on Thursday the 26th April talking about tools and techniques to help recruiters be more efficient and ultimately make more placements. This is a webinar for recruiters and will demonstrate a range of

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