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Search LinkedIn

When searching LinkedIn there are been two main methods used by recruiters, either searching directly though LinkedIn or using a search engine to x-ray the public profiles on linkedIn. These two methods work in different ways and so give different

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3 ways to find people on LinkedIn

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the most popular sources of candidates for the recruitment industry. Unfortunately for many recruiters, their client have as much or sometimes better access to search LinkedIn than they do. In this video

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Changes to LinkedIn Public Profiles

Linkedin seem to be making changes to the Public Profiles. They have recently released paid for Premium profiles however it seems that for may profiles, free and paid for, there is now a new format being rolled out. This has

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Be found on LinkedIn

This is my second video in my beginners guide to sourcing and social recruitment. Today I’m talking about LinkedIn and how to make sure that your profile is found. LinkedIn is not just a place to find candidates, it can

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Free Recruiter Tools

I’ve had a great response to my Shane’s Tools for recruiters. However I know that there was a problem for some people who use Internet explorer and so I’ve split these in two and I’m reasonably sure these new versions will

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I’m on Boolean Strings

I’m delighted that my new LinkedIn Alerts tool is on the home page of the Boolean Strings site (www.booleanstrings.ning.com) I’ve put together a short video to show it off. I’ve had lots of feedback since this tool went live a

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3 Cool Linkedin Tools for Recruiters

This post was inspired by three really cool free LinkedIn tools for recruiters. I was watching some videos by Jeremy Roberts on the Sourcecon site I thought I’ll pull these tools together into one blog post. After doing this I

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Automatically posting Jobs to Twitter and LinkedIn

I was thinking about very simple ways to automatically post jobs from intelligence through a recruitment web site and then to Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social channels. This is actually very easy to do. I’ve produced a video

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Finding Keywords for Recruiters

Following on from my last blog about LinkedIn skills pages, I found a fantastic tip from Jim Stroud on using Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) to find keywords. Linkedin Skills was very useful for finding related keywords and it could

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Crowd Sourcing, Big Data and why it makes my head hurt.

Linkedin has turned off their Skill pages, it will be sadly missed. Perhaps it’s true that you only appreciate something when it’s gone. The Skills pages were very useful, it gave recruiters the ability to enter one skill and LinkedIn

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