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I’ve been working to upgrade my Facebook search tool and have added a number of new features. This video describes the new LinkedIn search tool features and how to use these. Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve developed a number of techniques to search LinkedIn and so, for convenience, I decided to build a tool into my Facebook Search Chrome extension. Given that I plan to add search for several more platforms in the near future I may well have to change the name of this tool but for the moment at least it is remaining as my Facebook Search Tool.

Like my Facebook search, the results of a LinkedIn search can be easily downloaded into Excel or some other system. I hope that this will provide an easy way to work through lists and reduce long-list to short-lists.
This is a free tool, however, if you find it useful I will be very grateful if you can share it far and wide and encourage others to use it. First and foremost tell friends, colleagues, and family after that, please tell the world through Social Media and anything else you may have at your disposal. The more people that use this the more effort I’ll put into developing it further.

Any suggestions for new things you’d like to see this do please let me know.

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