LinkedIn Search

Unfortunately, due to changes made within LinkedIn, this search function is no longer working.
LinkedIn Search

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23 comments on “LinkedIn Search
  1. Cathy Mannis says:

    I really like this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. John Turnberg says:

    how does boolean work on it? Cheers

  3. John C Burzynski says:

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated! I am only seeing about 20 results from a search that should turn up at least 1000. Why so?

  4. joe self says:

    not hitting the mark of my search. only produced 2 contacts. my x-ray produced 35. happy to discuss

  5. MZ says:

    Thanks! Could you guys add the option to choose a city in US vs the entire country?

  6. Andrew says:

    Getting similar results to others here. only seeing about 20 results for an open search that should have returned thousands of results and unfortunately the results that were shown were pretty way off what I was looking for.

  7. Richard Smith says:

    Self and colleague just tried it with excellent results. I guess it depends on roles your’re looking for

  8. gary says:

    I need to search companies or people, would be nice to have both

  9. syed says:

    I can’t seem to search for profiles within a city. Not sure if I’m doing this right..

  10. Doug Ales says:

    Thank you. I like how the results are not affected by my personal network. Great job!

  11. Luiz Carlos Oliveira Jr says:

    Nice tool, pls add city, position, company

  12. dane nar says:

    Try using AND / OR in between keywords. For example: Owner AND automotive AND detroit. This should pull up owners in the automotive industry who live in Detroit. Make sure that AND/ OR are capitalized. This should help you refine your search. OR is used to include additional results. For example: Owner OR CEO AND automotive AND detroit. This will generate results of both owners and CEOs in that area and indutry.

  13. Aanchal Arora says:

    Hi Shane, i used this tool before !! It is mind blowing !!! but now in this search I am not able to get any results. I mean search button is not working !!! Please fix it asap.

  14. alanwhitford says:

    Hey Shane
    Any way in either of the LI search engines to use the NOT operator? I am looking for Resource Managers (those who work in professional services to allocate consultants to projects) as opposed to recruiters/resources looking for external talent.
    Adding NOT Recruiter either negates the search entirely or seems to add more recruiters to the results



  15. Danny says:

    Anyway you could turn this into an advance search tool?

  16. Chico38 says:

    Limited results though

  17. fayaz mohammed says:

    Thanks can you please inculde current or past option…

  18. VanceRitter1 says:

    Informative article , In case , if your business needs to combine two images , my wife encountered notice here

  19. emeric devaux says:

    My first exiting try but…the search button doesn’t work

  20. umesh2063 says:

    Not showing any result. Is this tool geography specific?

  21. Oggy 'gorila' Ginanjar says:

    not working

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