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Be found on LinkedIn

This is my second video in my beginners guide to sourcing and social recruitment. Today I’m talking about LinkedIn and how to make sure that your profile is found. LinkedIn is not just a place to find candidates, it can

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Introduction to Sourcing for Recruiter (Boolean Search)

I’m starting a series of short videos to help recruiter learn about internet sourcing. This is my first episode and it’s about Boolean search, what Boolean search is and how a recruiter can use really simple searches to find candidates

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Free Recruiter Tools

I’ve had a great response to my Shane’s Tools for recruiters. However I know that there was a problem for some people who use Internet explorer and so I’ve split these in two and I’m reasonably sure these new versions will

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Search for and Scrape Email Addresses

I regularly want to find email addresses for particular companies and so I’ve developed a free tool to help find email addresses and then extract them from any web page. Drag and drop the button below onto your bookmark bar

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Building a Big Recruitment Agency

The vast majority of recruitment companies are very small businesses, many with fewer than five staff. I have spent much of my career in Intelligence software looking for ways recruiters can be more successful and often I am drawn to

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I’m on Boolean Strings

I’m delighted that my new LinkedIn Alerts tool is on the home page of the Boolean Strings site ( I’ve put together a short video to show it off. I’ve had lots of feedback since this tool went live a

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Recruiters will Die!

I was recently talking to Greg Savage about the changing world of recruitment and the premise that recruiters must Adapt or Die. Greg talked about dinosaur recruiters who cling to the methods of the past and proactively resist change. While

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LinkedIn Alerts

I’ve been working very hard to develop some new recruiter tools and am delighted to have finished my new Intelligence Alerts system which is available here. I wanted to develop a tool focused on business development for recruiters. My thought

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Help for abandoned children

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend of mine, Marie O’Loan. Marie, along with her husband Aodh and a small number of others, run a charity called the Sunshine Foundation. Motivated by the suffering of abandoned children in Romania, in

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3 Cool Linkedin Tools for Recruiters

This post was inspired by three really cool free LinkedIn tools for recruiters. I was watching some videos by Jeremy Roberts on the Sourcecon site I thought I’ll pull these tools together into one blog post. After doing this I

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