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Sourcing on Facebook

Facebook Graph Search has significantly changed and this creates fantastic opportunities for Recruiters. As everyone knows Facebook is massive, much bigger than LinkedIn or Twitter or indeed any of the other social networks so it should be a rich resource

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Big Data – What it is and why you can ignore it.

  Big Data has been talked about at length but what is it and how can it help recruiters? Unfortunately I fear, Big Data is another one of these technical terms that have been corrupted by sales people in an

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Apply with LinkedIn – A Replacement

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Recruiting with Twitter

I really do think more recruiters should be using twitter. It is such a powerful tool to find and engage with Candidates. Recruiters are, in my opinion, far too obsessed with CVs. When are we going to realize that this

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3 ways to find people on LinkedIn

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the most popular sources of candidates for the recruitment industry. Unfortunately for many recruiters, their client have as much or sometimes better access to search LinkedIn than they do. In this video

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How to find anyone’s Contact Details

It is typically the case that a recruiter will find a good potential candidate on the internet but struggles to find any way of making direct contact with them. This is often the case when finding someone on LinkedIn where

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Changes to LinkedIn Public Profiles

Linkedin seem to be making changes to the Public Profiles. They have recently released paid for Premium profiles however it seems that for may profiles, free and paid for, there is now a new format being rolled out. This has

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Sharing content on LinkedIn

In this weeks article on Sourcing and Social Recruitment, I’m talking about how to use LinkedIn to share content. There are four main ways to publish your content to LinkedIn and this can be a very effective platform to distribute

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X-Ray Search

This weeks video in my Sourcing and Social Recruitment for Beginners series is all about X-Ray Search. This is the common name for using the site: operator in Google or Bing to search a specific site. This may sound a

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Grow my Twitter Following

I’ve been getting very active on Twitter over the past few weeks and this seems to be working very well for me. As part of my research I was looking for a way to create a Follow me Button for

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