Sourcing on Facebook

Facebook Graph Search has significantly changed and this creates fantastic opportunities for Recruiters. As everyone knows Facebook is massive, much bigger than LinkedIn or Twitter or indeed any of the other social networks so it should be a rich resource for recruiters everywhere.

Balazs Paroczay wrote a fantastic and very in depth blog on how Facebook Graph Search seems to work and discussed a wide range of techniques to source candidates through Facebook. These techniques are very powerful although can be quite complex to use in practice. As a result I’ve now designed a new free tool to help you source on Facebook to make Balazs’s techniques as simple as possible.

The new tool is available here so please try it out. If you like it I’d be very grateful if you can share this with your colleagues and on social media.

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  • could no view the video. An exclamation point is all I get.

    • shane

      This video is on YouTube so perhaps your firewall is blocking this site. Perhaps you can try on a different network

  • Andres Shavara

    Thank you Shane for sharing this. This tool is great!

  • Kerri Williams

    Thank you shane for sharing this

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