Apply with LinkedIn – A Replacement

As you may already know LinkedIn have closed down their Apply with LinkedIn widget and instead want users to develop the functionality using their standard API. This process however is vastly more complicated than using their widget which in itself as not exactly a walk in the park.

This is rather unfortunate for may recruiters, as the Apply with LinkedIn widget solves one of the big issues with mobile recruiting. Almost all recruitment sites ask for applicants to provide a CVs/resumes but very few people have these documents available on their mobile phone. With a single click process allowing applications through LinkedIn you open up your web site to many more applicants.

Because of this, I thought it would be a nice idea if myself and the team here at Intelligence Software developed a really simple system to provide recruiters with a convenient replacement to the Apply with LinkedIn button. We are providing this freely to all recruiters although we do require you to comply with LinkedIns terms of service

If you complete the form below we will send you a unique link. Once you add this link to your web site in the forms on an apply button. Any applicant clicking the button will be asked to authorize a connection to LinkedIn and then you will be emailed their LinkedIn Profile converted to a convenient pdf document.

Here is an example of a button. If you click this and approve the connection to LinkedIn it will send me your CV.

Click Here to send me your CV.

If you would like your own link, please complete this from


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